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22 Jul, 2015


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Many of you will be experiencing the joy that is the school summer holidays and will not thank me for mentioning this topic.  but I need to think ahead.  As I type this there are 155 days to Christmas day.  This year the great day is on a Friday.

In thinking ahead there are gifts to be bought, do we buy early to spread the cost and risk the proposed recipient getting the same item for themselves or being given it by another?  How often has that happened to you, on either end of the process?  Buying hand crafted unique items can prevent that ever happening.

Maybe you know someone well and have an idea? Why not commission a piece just for them?  Do you believe this is too expensive for you?  Think again.  Keep an eye on this shop as I am shortly adding another section containing some gorgeous gemstones ready to be wrapped and given to your special person.  Browse through and choose, contact me and I will design a special piece just for you.

The gemstones I use come from all over the world and many are made by specialist artisans many of whom are like me, running their own small scale business in an area in which they have great passion.  Many of the stones may not be familiar to you as gemstones.  Perhaps, you have only seen gemstones in high street jewellers?  They are but a small selection of those provided by Mother Earth.  You will be familiar with some and not so with others.  Feel free to contact me and ask about a stone, read through the blogs on here as some are already described.

Enjoy the rest of the summer and keep an eye open here, you will need some summer presents for you…who is doing all the hard work in the holidays?

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