Labradorite Pear


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Tarnish resistant silver plate holding a spectacular and lively labradorite suspended from a dainty labradorite necklace, this is neatly finished with a simple hand crafted hook and loop fastening. The necklace measures approximately 47cms.

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Labradorite is also known as Spectrolite and is a Feldspar mineral.  The stone was identified about 1770.  It gets its name from where it was first found in Labrador, Canada. The variety of Labradorite stone found in Finland in the 1940's is usually called Spectrolite

Labradorite stone, with its flash of colour is mined mainly in Africa, Australia, Canada, Finland, India, Madagascar, Newfoundland, New South Wales, Romania, Russia, Scandinavia and several locations in the United States.  The iridescent sparkle may not be seen at all angles, so be sure to hold the stone up to the light and rotate it slowly.

Labradorite is a semi-precious stone that some believe can help reduce anxiety, build perseverance, and strengthen psychic abilities.


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